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Medical Team
Emperess Staffing

This division has the drive to assist medical organizations with any medical staffing need.

Emperess Staffing

Our Staffing division of professional recruiters is dedicated to assisting medical facilities with any medical staffing need. We are committed to providing our clients and their patients with qualified certified nursing assistants, physical therapists, and nurses. We provide any medical facility with the services required to alleviate your staffing shortage while maintaining the best level of patient care.

We are problem-solvers for all your staffing needs. We offer customized and cost efficient staffing solutions to meet your staffing needs. Our services includes:

Temporary Staffing 

We provide temporary staffing, which is an excellent way to supplement the needs of your existing workforce during employee absences or temporary skill shortages, or for peak seasonal workloads and special projects. We carefully screen for employees ready to be assigned to the tasks.

Placement or Direct Hire 

With our direct hire staffing, we offer employers our expertise in recruiting, screening, and evaluating candidates for open positions within your organization. Our experienced staff will find the candidates that meet your skill and experience requirements, coordinate all staffing transactions, and ease the burden of the entire process. 

 All fees for direct hire placements are employer-paid. There is no fee or obligation until the candidate actually begins employment.

Emperess Staffing will staff:

  • Sitters 

  • Nannies 

  • CNA'S 

  • LPN'S 

  • RN's 

  • Physical Therapists.

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